Friday, December 30, 2011

Today I'm grateful for cards

I love cards.
Getting them and sending them.
To me,a card - hand made or bought shows that someone cares about me.
I know that person took the time to choose a card that reflects their sentiments toward me.
I know they chose a card to suit my personality and whatever situation we're in.
I have actually been known to keep the cards I get for years and years.
Today I came across a card that perfectly described the way I feel about someone and the second I finish typing this,I'll seal the card and mail it off to that person.
I hope the person appreciates it!
Its the perfect card for this person and I'm glad I came across it while out shopping the other day because it put into words the things I was feelings but couldn't quite express have a way of doing that for us,don't they?
It's because of that very reason that today,I'm grateful for cards (and the people who write the beautiful words in them)

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