Sunday, January 15, 2012

Today I'm grateful for conflict

This is a weird entry in my journal but yesterday I had a very ugly back and forth with someone I thought was a friend.
To me,it pretty much sealed the deal on the friendship - not because of the conflict but because it brought out sides in both of us that I honestly didn't like.
The conflict opened my eyes up to the reality of our friendship and made me question alot of things about this person and all my friends in general.

It also helped me realise really quick what my standards for friendship are and what I'm willing to put up with along with where I need to draw a line when it comes to certain people and certain issues.
I would have preferred to learn all these things without having to go through yeaterday's ordeal but because of it,today I woke up with a clear head and a good feeling about me,my choices,my dreams and my life - and it's because of that clarity that today I'm grateful for conflict.

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